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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Party Time in Kirchheimbolanden, Germany

Kirchheimbolanden, Germany

Kirchheimbolanden is known as a small city with fun festivals. Everything you read about this interesting place they all say it is a city of historical sights and lots of partytime at the festivals.
I like to think of my Homemade Lemon Cake/Pudding Recipe being eaten at one of the festivals.
Maybe it will be served as a dessert after a meal of tender wild boar with red cabbage and knodels at the festival called Residenzfest. It is held on the second weekend of August every year.
They have a week long Beer Festival called the Bierwoche
Learn a few songs so you can join the party during your visit.
German Beer Drinking & Merrymaking Songs: Featuring Music From The Octoberfest In Munich

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Springfield, KY Motto: "Where the Lincoln Legacy began"

You can visit the original home of Lincoln’s mother at the Lincoln Homestead Park

Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln died of milk sickness at the age of 34.

Nancy Hanks: The Story of Abraham Lincoln's Mother

A country drive Springfield, KY - see the landscape around Springfield
Be sure to attend the Springfield African American Festival
Thank you for following these two delicious recipes to Springfield, KY
AnnaRuth's Carrot Applesauce Cake Postcard
AnnaRuth's Carrot Applesauce Cake Postcard by gramabarb
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