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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tour Hannover, Germany Slowly

Two of my Lemon Recipe Postcards travelled to Hannover, Germany which inspired me to spend some time taking an armchair travel tour of the city.
All the cities in Germany are magnificent works of historic art and Hannover is no exception. But I have discovered each city has its own unique attractions and I was determined to learn what sets Hannover apart from others.
I was fascinated by the blend of ancient art and modern art that would have me snapping photographs at every turn if I was there in person. We can start with a short video tour of Hannover and you will see what I mean as we follow the "red line" past 36 interesting places through the city:

Aerial view of the Northern half of the Great Garden

Urban Gardens and Parks are at the top of my list whenever I visit a city. I was anxious to learn about Hannover's Gardens.
Everything you read about Hannover talks about the Herrenhausen Gardens that are made up of The Great Garden, The Berggarten, The Georgengarten and The Welfengarten. I would plan on spending all day at this park.

Here is the recipe that we followed to Hannover, Germany:

Thank for for visiting.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let's Talk about 1000 Pairs of Socks and Feet

This is all about feet and who are suffering from painful feet especially in the winter time. This what frostbite looks like and it preventable by wearing warm socks - it is as easy as that.

After hearing about all the foot problems the homeless suffer with, I knew I had to give socks to an organization that will personally give the socks to those who need them most.

I am now known as the Sock Granny and this is my second year that I am collecting socks. This year I have a Sock Team who have volunteered to set up drop-off locations and deliver the socks to me.
The Vancouver BC, Canada locations are listed in this new blog The Sock Granny

As you read the blog you will read my story and how I met, Molly, my mentor plus you will see that everyone is very passionate about collecting socks for the homeless and the mentally ill. The Sock-Friends have been working hard to start this 1000 Pairs of Socks Campaign. If you live in Vancouver, BC you can donate at the locations listed in the blog. More will be added as they become available.

Sock Friend Amanda is managing the Sock Granny Facebook page you are invited to like and follow us. Please donate socks at the Starbucks where she works at 1855 Burrard St - for Amanda. Thank you to the management and staff at Starbucks.

We thank you for caring!

First socks donated for the 2014/2015 winter season!