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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Four Recipes to Münster, Germany

Have you been to Münster, Germany? After doing some research about Münster it is certainly on my list of places I would love to visit because of it's long rich history and it has embraced the 21st century with so much community zeal to promote a green, environmental friendly city. With superb planning they have raised the bar in creating a "green" city while preserving their history. This video is by far the best one available that shows all aspects of Münster - past,now and the future. The video was so interesting and pleasant to watch that I watched it twice and shared it with my friends.
The Promenade in Münster (photo source wikipedia)
Münster is often called the Bicycle Capital of Germany
What an honour it has been that four of my recipes have been purchased in Münster, Germany.
They are

Design by: gramabarb
Grace's Chocolate Cake Postcard

Design by: gramabarb
Molasses Raisin Cookie Recipe Postcard

Design by: gramabarb
Larry's Mincemeat Squares Recipe Postcard

Design by: gramabarb
Chicken Casserole Recipe Postcard

Thank you Münster, Germany

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Town of Torrington, CT

We are going to stop for a little while in Torrington, CT because my Lemon Recipe first went here in 2011. What you will like about visiting Torrington is the interesting history. The Warner Theater will capture your attention and very quickly you will learn that it opened on August 19, 1931 as part of the Warner Bros. chain of movie theaters. It is ranked as #1 tourist attraction for Torrington and it is individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places (photo source Wikipedia)
Enjoy this short video tour of the restoration work of the Warner Theater
The Warner Theater is part of the 56-acre Downtown Torrington Historic District where you can take a walking tour of 21 properties. I am very happy our Recipe Tour took us to this interesting town in Connecticut.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Zucchini Chocolate Cake Duel

Join the fun of a duel between my Aunt and my Cousin.
Which Zucchini Chocolate Cake is the most popular? Linda's or Louise's? Read about the duel and see pictures of my Aunt and Cousin The Zucchini Cake Duel
You can see the subtle differences at these links
Linda's Zucchini Chocolate Cake
Louise's Zucchini Chocolate Cake
Linda's recipe goes to Front Royal, VA.

What a lovely place to visit as it is only 70 miles west of Washington, D.C. and is in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Let's go to Front Royal, Virginia, USA
Please take a moment to play this beautiful American folk song Shenandoah with scenes from the Shenandoah River.

Louise's recipe goes to Spokane, WA.
The city is located on the Spokane River in Eastern Washington, 92 miles (148 km) south of the Canadian border. When I lived in eastern BC, Canada I visited Spokane often. I love the cities Nickname(s): The Lilac City and the city Motto: Near Nature. Near Perfect.
Go for a walk in a lilac park in Spokane, WA
Spokane, Washington, as viewed from Palisades Park to the west of the city

Photo source is Wikipedia cc
Which cake recipe would you like? Linda's or Louise's?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Carrrot Cake to Germany and UK

The Carrot Cake Recipe now goes to Germany and the UK.
We have 3 places to visit for this leg of our Carrot Cake Tour.
1. Bad Rappenau, Germany Location of the town of Bad Rappenau within Heilbronn district Germany The very best way to enjoy our visit to Bad Rappenau is by watching this video of one of the Parks with flowers and families having a good time on a hot summer day:
2. Bindlach, Germany Bindlach is a municipality in the district of Bayreuth in Upper Franconia in Bavaria, Germany. Population: 7,211 (Dec 31, 2008) Popular for Pigeons: Poštovní holubi Bayreuth Bindlach 1.5.2011 Solarpark at Bindlach: The shepherd grazing for 54 years at Bindlacher mountain. 800 sheep eat in a week over 7 ha. Environmental protection and natural implementation were the target.
3. Harlow, United Kingdom Harlow is a new town and local government district in Essex, England. Tne best tour I could find of Harlow, UK is from the air. Onboard aerial video of flight @ the Newhall developmpent in Harlow, Essex Hang on! you feel like you may crash any second:
That ends this leg of the Follow that Recipe - The Carrot Cake Tour - I'm ready for a piece of the cake, aren't you?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Loves Carrot Cake?

GramaBarb's Carrot Cake Recipe My Carrot Cake Recipe is now in someone's kitchen in:
Vatan, France Vatan is found in Indre in the Loire Valley region of France This video will give you a quick tour of this beautiful little village
Driebergen, Netherlands You can't go to the Netherlands without going for a really long bicycle trip - lets go! It is wonderful to see rural Netherlands that this bike trip takes you past --- oops! watch out for the horse :).

Follow the Carrot Cake Recipe

Featuring GramaBarb's Carrot Cake to see where did it travel to. Ready to follow the Carrot Cake Recipe?