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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tulia, Texas - Weather, History and Rodeos

Where weather is a topic of conversation. For example on "This day in History" note on Facebook you will read on Febrary 12 in 1899 Tulia, Texas recorded the coldest temperature ever recorded in Texas. Source on Facebook.

4/22/2015 Tulia, TX Wall Cloud, Hail Fog, Supercell and high winds

Watch some old video footage of a parade and you get a strong sense of history and community spirit.
Tulia Texas Parade 1953

Don't leave Tulia without going to a rodeo
Tulia Ranch Rodeo Wild Cow Milking

I love small towns, don't you? I am so happy I had a chance to learn about Tulia and it is all because someone bought my recipes and I just had to follow them to Tulia, Texas.
Thank you for giving the following recipes a home in Tulia:

Zippy Meatballs Recipe Postcard
Zippy Meatballs Recipe Postcard by gramabarb
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

They said, "No one would come!"

I dream daydreams. Most of them live short lives and then disappear but then there are dreams that linger for decades.
My sister and I would talked about ways we could pass our family recipes on to our children and grandchildren and that we "really should put together a family cookbook". Adding more fuel to the 'recipe dream'. It never happened as she passed away before she retired and we could not start our book.
Google arrived on the scene and everyone said, "no one would buy a cookbook when they could google it". They all said "No one would come!".

My 'field of dreams' would not die. I went back to my original recipe dream back in the 1970's where I dreamt I sold one recipe at a time from my Family Recipe Box. Each recipe would be designed by me with images from family stories of gardens, travel and history.
My idea was met with "No one will buy ONE recipe!" "No one will come!".

All too soon I hit the age of 70 years old and I was still daydreaming recipes. I was running out of time and needed to "BUILD and not worry about whether they will come or not!"
I started experimenting to see if my recipes would fit on the postcards and after days of adjusting and designing I finally published my first recipes and a couple of months later someone bought ONE recipe.

I did the Granny Happy Dance!

My personal field of dreams went to the world stage and "the people came"! Now you can Google 'recipes GramaBarb' and you will find my recipes. Now Google works for me not against me.

The first three Recipe Postcards that sold are:
Lemon Recipe (2011)
to 1. CT
to 2. NY
to 3. Russia

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Linger in Broomfield, CO - you will be glad you did!

I have never been to Colorado and I am sorry because it is so beautiful. So I lingered a little longer here when someone bought my recipes
A quick tour of Broomfield, Colarado

The Lark Bunting is the state bird of Colorado.
Lark Bunting singing video

If you have never been to Colorado you will want to Tour the entire State of Colorado

These are the recipes that travelled to Colorado

Zippy Meatballs Recipe Postcard
Zippy Meatballs Recipe Postcard by gramabarb
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Los Alamos, NM - a Secret Destination

Los Alamos
There was a time when Los Alamos could not be found on any map it was so secret.
The excellent video explains the history of that time period and the brings you up to 2014.

Los Alamos, New Mexico travel destination video

Two healthy recipes travelled to Los Alamos

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