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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are you Ready for Fun at Ingelheim, Germany?

Ingelheim, Germany
When my Lemon Recipe went to Ingelheim, Germany and I found this video about Windsurfing on the Rhine River at Ingelheim I knew we would be in for a good time.
Watch the tricks of this expert windsurfer on the Rhine River
An interesting feature of Ingelheim is a well-developed Carnival culture and they have 4 Carnival clubs. There are various Carnival and Festivals throughout the year in Ingelheim
Fassenacht procession through the streets of Ober-Ingelheim, Ingelheim organized and conducted by Carneval Club 1898
Beautiful history tour of Ingelheim harbour on the Rhine River
Don't leave town before visiting The Museum bei der Kaiserpfalz (“Museum at the Imperial Palace”) because it has an exhibit dedicated to the Imperial Palace built in Ingelheim after 785 by Charlemagne.
You will want this newest published book about the tenth century history of Europe after visiting the Museum of the Imperial Palace. The Birth of the West by Paul Collins (published Feb.2013) The Birth of the West: Rome, Germany, France, and the Creation of Europe in the Tenth Century

Thank you for purchasing my Lemon Recipe, Ingelheim!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meeting the Country Folks at Milford, Texas

Their slogan is "A Town of a about 700 Friendly People and 3 or 4 Grouches"
Downtown Milford, Texas (this photo was taken about 2010 - source wikipedia)

A former bank building now serving as an Antique Shop in downtown Milford, Texas.
The story about Milford is all about the people. What do they do in Milford?
The people of Milford have big generous hearts and are all about helping each other.
For example when you read what is happening at the Rockett Ranch Cafe and Music Hall you will see they are busy with one charity after another that help local Texans. Visit their Facebook page and read about who they help - it will touch your heart.
Another group of people are focusing their charity work on helping children. See the photograph of these 9 beautiful women and how they are helping their community.
They are called Milford Titus Women. They refer to "Titus 2:3-5" for their name.

Just couldn't leave Milford without going to a farm and I found a wonderful farm I wish I could visit for real not just online. Take a look at his interesting chickens and Natural Wild Raw Honey ...visit Lee Raptor Farm in Milford Texas.
To whoever bought my Lemon Recipe in Milford, I thank you!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We are going to New York, New York

Two recipes went to New York, New York which caused me to burst into song and dance. Start singing New York, New York as we tour this great city!

A photograph montage of New York City

We all know the most famous tourist attractions in NY but do you know where to go if you want to rub elblows with celebrities? Here is a list of Hotels where they hang-out Hotels for Celebrity Sightings

One of my biggest regrets when visiting New York city was not going to Central Park. We will go there now!
New York City's Central Park Tour
Since I am a Birder I have to include them in our Central Park visit and it seems I am not the only one who love birds! :)
(photo source wikipedia)
Thank you for purchasing these 2 recipes, New York!
Lemon Recipe
GramaBarb's Carrot Cake
Meet the people of New York
A photographic census of New York City - book release 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Follow the recipes to a Turkey Testicle Festival in Illinois

Three of my recipes have traveled to Huntley, IL.
I was anxious to find out what would interesting to learn about Huntley.
I was in for a big surpise. The highlight of our visit to Huntley, IL is going to the yearly Turkey Testicle Festival. Wednesday 27 November 2013

You really do have to see it to believe it! See how turkey testicles are cooked and whether people like them or not. Have you eaten turkey testicles?

Huntley is known as The Village of Huntley with an estimated village population to be about 22,923 as of the 2008 Census. Chicago, IL is 51 miles away from Huntley.
The Village of Huntley was founded in 1851 by Thomas Stillwell Huntley -- Read the Huntley History
Huntley is also included within the scope of the Golden Corridor. It is coined as such since the corridor generates a "gold" mine of economic profit for communities in the area.
I am so glad we followed these recipes to Huntley, IL

Design by: gramabarb
Sausage & Leek Soup

Design by: gramabarb
Sil Salad

Design by: gramabarb
Mincemeat Squares

Thank you Huntley, IL!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recipe Calendar to Prince George, BC, Canada

We follow a Recipe Calendar to Prince George, BC, Canada
Mr. PG welcomes you to Prince George ...
Part of my heart still resides in Prince George as it is where I grew up, married and where my 2 children were born.

I would like to introduce you to my hometown in this video

My family roots are long and deep in the entire Prince George region. My great-grandfather and his daughter, my grandmother, arrived in Fort George aboard the BX Sternwheeler
Read their story here complete with pictures - Following the River of Our Roots
This photo still hangs on my wall:

My Grandfather Miller (Slim) was a well known as one of the Canyon Cats in this book: Sternwheelers and Canyon Cats: Whitewater Freighting on the Upper Fraser by Jack Boudreau

The Cutbanks are Prince George's signature natural landmark. When my Dad and Uncles were kids they used to play on these cutbanks.

Thank you for following my Recipe Calendar to Prince George, BC for a personal trip down memory lane.