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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Four Recipes to Münster, Germany

Have you been to Münster, Germany? After doing some research about Münster it is certainly on my list of places I would love to visit because of it's long rich history and it has embraced the 21st century with so much community zeal to promote a green, environmental friendly city. With superb planning they have raised the bar in creating a "green" city while preserving their history. This video is by far the best one available that shows all aspects of Münster - past,now and the future. The video was so interesting and pleasant to watch that I watched it twice and shared it with my friends.
The Promenade in Münster (photo source wikipedia)
Münster is often called the Bicycle Capital of Germany
What an honour it has been that four of my recipes have been purchased in Münster, Germany.
They are

Design by: gramabarb
Grace's Chocolate Cake Postcard

Design by: gramabarb
Molasses Raisin Cookie Recipe Postcard

Design by: gramabarb
Larry's Mincemeat Squares Recipe Postcard

Design by: gramabarb
Chicken Casserole Recipe Postcard

Thank you Münster, Germany

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