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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lemon Recipe goes to Toronto, ON, Canada

Follow The Lemon Recipe to Toronto
When you visit Toronto you will want to tour the city which should include a drive down the famous Yonge St. and enjoy the history along the way. My last trip through Toronto we drove by the Canadian "shrine" - the Maple Leaf Gardens! Everyone in Canada listened to "Hockey Night in Canada" on Saturday night often broadcast from Maple Leaf Gardens. We listened to the hockey games on the radio long before we finally owned a TV in Northern BC, Canada. I will never forget listening to Foster Hewitt on the radio and his famous phrase "He shoots, he scores!" Hewitt was part of the opening night ceremonies for Maple Leaf Gardens in November 1931, and the broadcast gondola where Hewitt would broadcast from.

Watch this Maple Leaf Gardens history video:
You will want to schedual a day to go to Toronto Islands. They are located just offshore from Toronto city centre. They are an are an archipelago of 14 islands, some 325 hectares in size. This looks like a perfect place to take your family for a day away from the hot city if you are visiting during the summer months. You can take a short ferry ride of about 15 minutes...enjoy the view of the city from the ferry
A view of Toronto Islands from the famous CN Tower:
photo source wikipedia
Keep your Toronto City Guide book handy so you don't miss other wonderful attractions

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