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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Abbotsford, BC, Canada

It is Louises's Zucchini Chocolate Cake Recipe that takes us to Abbotsford and I am excited to see what I can find that is interesting and even unusual.
photo source wikipedia
Abbotsford, BC is well known for it's International Airshow held every year in August on the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month.
A short video of the Canadian Snowbirds
You will quickly learn that Abbotsford is known by the logo - "City in the Country" When you drive to Abbotsford you can't help but notice all the different types of farms surrounding the city. You can't help but wonder what they produce and will you be able to buy any of their fresh produce?
Take this quick video tour of some of the farms that will whet your appetite:
Put these farms on your itinerary:
This farm is set up for visits from families to tour groups yet they have maintained the feeling of visiting a 210 acre working farm with 180 cows and they also have a petting area for adults and kids. Birchwood Dairy Farm
You will want to visit real live bee hives in Abbotsford: They offer educational tours for groups of 5 or more throughout the year but encourage these to take place from May to August when they are able to take the group to see the live hives Campbell's Gold Honey Farm
They also have Honey Wine. Honey wine tastings are 6 days per week during their open hours, to those 19 years and older. ID required.

List of other recipes that also travelled to Abbotsford, BC:
Grace's Chocolate Cake
Old Fashioned Raisin Bread
Grace's Chocolate Pudding
Swedish Rusks
Panoramic view of the Fraser Valley as seen from eastern Abbotsford looking northwest - Thank you for visiting.
photo source wikipedia

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