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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where is the "Sunniest City in the U.S.A"?

Of the possible 4,456 hours of daylight each year, the sun shines in Yuma, Arizona for roughly 4,019 hours, or about 90% of the time.

I want to thank whoever bought my Gramabarb's Carrot Pineapple Cake recipe in Yuma,AZ and giving us the opportunity to visit your interesting city.
You will often see the advertising for Yuma to include the words On The Rivers Edge and that is because it is on the narrowest spot on the Colorado River, ideal for early explorers to cross the mighty Colorado! Please watch this important video about the Colorado River and the history and growth of Yuma, AZ.

Yuma Crossing - 1886

While in Yuma watch for the bird called Cactus Wren. It is often seen in the city and is the State Bird of Arizona.

The Cactus Wren will often nest in the Teddy-bear Cholla

The plant has a soft appearance due to its solid mass of very formidable spines that completely cover the stems. From a distance, the stems appear soft and fuzzy, giving it the name "teddy bear".
Photographs and info Source

Welcome to Yuma,AZ webpage for more information.

Early Yuma (AZ) (Images of America)

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