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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tulia, Texas - Weather, History and Rodeos

Where weather is a topic of conversation. For example on "This day in History" note on Facebook you will read on Febrary 12 in 1899 Tulia, Texas recorded the coldest temperature ever recorded in Texas. Source on Facebook.

4/22/2015 Tulia, TX Wall Cloud, Hail Fog, Supercell and high winds

Watch some old video footage of a parade and you get a strong sense of history and community spirit.
Tulia Texas Parade 1953

Don't leave Tulia without going to a rodeo
Tulia Ranch Rodeo Wild Cow Milking

I love small towns, don't you? I am so happy I had a chance to learn about Tulia and it is all because someone bought my recipes and I just had to follow them to Tulia, Texas.
Thank you for giving the following recipes a home in Tulia:

Zippy Meatballs Recipe Postcard
Zippy Meatballs Recipe Postcard by gramabarb
Check out other Recipes Postcards at

Just think how fantastic the Recipe Postcards will look in this clear pink recipe box?!

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