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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recipe Calendar to Prince George, BC, Canada

We follow a Recipe Calendar to Prince George, BC, Canada
Mr. PG welcomes you to Prince George ...
Part of my heart still resides in Prince George as it is where I grew up, married and where my 2 children were born.

I would like to introduce you to my hometown in this video

My family roots are long and deep in the entire Prince George region. My great-grandfather and his daughter, my grandmother, arrived in Fort George aboard the BX Sternwheeler
Read their story here complete with pictures - Following the River of Our Roots
This photo still hangs on my wall:

My Grandfather Miller (Slim) was a well known as one of the Canyon Cats in this book: Sternwheelers and Canyon Cats: Whitewater Freighting on the Upper Fraser by Jack Boudreau

The Cutbanks are Prince George's signature natural landmark. When my Dad and Uncles were kids they used to play on these cutbanks.

Thank you for following my Recipe Calendar to Prince George, BC for a personal trip down memory lane.

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