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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meeting the Country Folks at Milford, Texas

Their slogan is "A Town of a about 700 Friendly People and 3 or 4 Grouches"
Downtown Milford, Texas (this photo was taken about 2010 - source wikipedia)

A former bank building now serving as an Antique Shop in downtown Milford, Texas.
The story about Milford is all about the people. What do they do in Milford?
The people of Milford have big generous hearts and are all about helping each other.
For example when you read what is happening at the Rockett Ranch Cafe and Music Hall you will see they are busy with one charity after another that help local Texans. Visit their Facebook page and read about who they help - it will touch your heart.
Another group of people are focusing their charity work on helping children. See the photograph of these 9 beautiful women and how they are helping their community.
They are called Milford Titus Women. They refer to "Titus 2:3-5" for their name.

Just couldn't leave Milford without going to a farm and I found a wonderful farm I wish I could visit for real not just online. Take a look at his interesting chickens and Natural Wild Raw Honey ...visit Lee Raptor Farm in Milford Texas.
To whoever bought my Lemon Recipe in Milford, I thank you!

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