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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rockville, MD is a Place to Go Ape!

When Chef David's recipe, Crab Cakes with Chili Lemon Aioli, traveled to Rockville, MaryLand I wondered what we will do once we get there. It didn't take long to find my favorite destination (if I was 25 years old that is!). A park where you really can "Go Ape"!
I was impressed with the wide variety of "Go Ape" activities there are and all are off the ground up in the trees!
It is not surprising that the Rockville motto is: "Get Into It"

(Rockville photo source is Wikipedia)
Rockville was first settled 1717 and it was founded 1803.

Stone marker on the corner of Vinson St. and Maryland Ave. It was originally placed there in 1803 when Rockville's streets were laid out. "BR" stands for "Beginning of Rockville". Thank you, Rockville, MD, for purchasing the delicious Crab Cake Recipe! We enjoyed our visit.

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