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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome to Deseronto a Town with Rich Mohawk History

We are following a recipe from my Aunt Louise's Kitchen who is our family Canadian history buff. So featuring the history of her recipe destination is very appropiate.
"This is for you Aunty Weezy!"

The Town of Deseronto is situated in Ontario, Canada on the shore of the Bay of Quinte on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.

The town was named for Captain John Deseronto (alt.Deserontyon) (c1740s-1811) , a native Mohawk who was also made a captain in the British Military Forces. The land was then granted to Loyalists and Mohawks who had supported the British during this war. In 1784, a group of twenty Mohawk families led by Captain John Deserontyon (c.1740-1811) became the first settlers. Deserontyon's grandson, John Culbertson, inherited his property in what is now the town site.

Overview of The Town of Deseronto

To read more about Captain John Deserontyon's biography please go to this document:

A history book of this era that you will want for your library.
Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley: The St. Leger Expedition of 1777

Thank you for visiting and Following this Recipe!

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