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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Syracuse, NY Embraces Winter

Following 3 Recipes to Syracuse, NY in the Winter. One of the recipes is a delicious Winter Soup

The news headline that caught my attention when I wanted to know "Whats happening in Syracuse?" was Record April snow falls in Syracuse to take the lead in the Golden Snow Globe
Did you know that every year there is a contest for the 'snowiest city in the US'? This year,2013, Syracuse won the award. Kids are still making snow angels:

photo source

Nature lovers embrace winter by going to great lengths to help wild birds survive the cold and deep snow as you will appreciate when you watch this video.
It is a place where they attach a 'plowcam' to the front of the snowplow to record the event.
A bike ride on the Creekwalk in Syracuse to Onondaga Lake is a perfect way to end our visit to Syracuse, NY

Onondaga Lake Park in the northern suburbs of Syracuse and attracts over one million visitors each year.

Two more recipes that traveled to Syracuse and I am so happy they did! Thank you!

Design by: gramabarb
Carrot and Beet Cake Recipe

Design by: gramabarb
Carrot Cookies Recipe

Thank you for visiting Syracuse with me!

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